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Real Estate Information and Advice

Back in the '90s, the Century 21 franchise exploded on the strength of its The Million Dollar Club campaign. At the time, selling the prestige of working with agents who routinely closed multimillion-dollar deals seemed like a solid way to market the brand, but the image of centurion agents in their golden jackets darting to and from sales training seminars reflected a purely sales mentality.

Since then, the industry hasn’t done much to change the idea that real estate agents are salespeople, and in many ways, that’s just wrong. Salespeople work for companies that sell products. Dealerships own the cars their salespeople sell. Insurance companies control the polices that their customers sign. By contrast, most real estate agents and companies don’t own

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Contrary to what you might have heard, Millennials aren’t residing in apartments forever. In fact, according to the "Zillow Group Report on Housing Trends," about half of all homeowners are below the age of 36, and as reported by Robb Report, research from the National Association of REALTORS® found that 57 percent of those buyers are purchasing homes in the suburbs, with an additional 15 and 16 percent buying in small towns and urban areas, respectively.

 For real estate agents, this can mean only one thing: Reaching Millennial buyers has just become priority No. 1.


What Millennials Want

 Millennials grew up hearing tales of the American Dream, and now, they’re reclaiming it to fit their needs. For example, most think long term when house

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Three years ago, you hired a promising new agent and introduced him to your firm. You taught him everything you could, helped him build a client base, and walked him through every step of that tough second year. By year three, things have leveled out. He's making decent money, supporting his family, and doing well in the business.

Proud of his progress and satisfied you've set him up for continued success, you turn your attention to a new protégé, and then, your top-producing agent drops a bomb: He's been offered a better commission split at a new broker firm, and he's leaving.

We've all heard stories just like this — perhaps you've even lived through such an experience. It's frustrating, to be sure, especially when you've invested a lot of time and

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July 4th, 2018 marks the 242nd anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Over these past 242 years, patriotic displays and family events have been organized all over the United States. Tri-Cities itself has created numerous events that have become tradition over the years to join in on the celebration. Where can these events be found? I’m glad you asked because we have rounded up some of our favorite local events happening this coming Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 with a wide range of activities for a fun packed day right here in Tri-Cities Washington!


PASCO, WA: Grand Old 4th of July Celebration


  1. Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Head on down to Memorial Park located at 1520 W Shoshone in Pasco, WA from 7-11 am.

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If a real estate agent has hit a point when it’s necessary to scale in order to accomplish goals, it’s time to start building a team. It’s an exciting phase for an agent, but it can also be scary: A larger team means a bigger raft to keep afloat. By helping agents through the selection and onboarding processes, real estate managers can play an important role in easing the growing pains for agents who are bringing on other agents or assistants.


The greatest benefit of growing a selling group is the production increase that comes when team members use their talents to complement one another. Agents in a team can work under the firm’s umbrella and use its assets — including offices, employees, and technology — for only a fraction of the cost they

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Early in my career, I heard that real estate agents are like birds: They swoop in, grab the commission check, and are never heard from again.

 Unfortunately, there's some truth to that analogy. In my experience, home buyers get used to agents' sweet songs during the buying process, but they don't hear a single chirp after the sale. That's because very few agents have a monthly follow-up program after they close a sale. But it's not due to laziness. They avoid it because they're afraid.

 First, agents are afraid of bad news. Once all the paperwork is signed, everyone is happy. But as with anything new and exciting, reality sets in. Clients might end up less than thrilled with some aspect of their new home, for instance. Agents don't want to call up

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There may be no "I" in team, but when it comes to real estate, if you aren't the head of a team, you may as well not exist at all.

Traditionally, real estate firms helped agents create their own brand under the larger corporate umbrella. "Jeff Thompson, Windermere Real Estate" is how you'd be billed. Agents had to follow corporate guidelines, but there was always an emphasis on building your own individual brand — the idea was that if people knew your name, they'd come to you for their real estate needs, and everyone, including you, would make more money.

But when the real estate business began to boom, some of those branded agents wanted to become "mega producers." So they started building teams to back them up. The "rainmaker" agent would

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Back when computers hummed like refrigerators (and weighed just about the same), real estate technology was exclusively a tool for bigger firms flush with funds. Over the past few years, however, we've seen the democratization of real estate technology, which has opened the door for firms of all sizes to leverage the power of tech.


For instance, our contact management program, Moxi, has been a real game changer. We use it to track our agents' hot and warm lists, distribute neighborhood news, send out new listings to VIP clients, and help organize yearly neighborhood reviews. We also developed Moxi Present to provide sellers with professional listing presentations, helping them nail down pricing. And Focus 1st shows our sellers buying

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Real estate has gained a lot from the digital evolution — not the least of which is the move from print to online advertising.

Before the internet, The Wall Street Journal offered a residential page that cost a fortune for a small photo and a bit of copy. There was a time when we were spending more than $200,000 per year in newspaper advertising alone, and we weren't even spending as much as some other firms.

Today, that $200,000 covers our entire advertising budget for digital media, television, and radio.

Online advertising allows agents to create ads that are more appealing and more interactive, the impact of which can be tracked in real time. Where we once had small pictures and a few words, we now have virtual tours of beautiful homes

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Michael Cordy perfectly combines skill developed over years of experience and a deep passion to serve others. This is why we are so excited to have him as a trusted real estate advisor on our Windermere Real Estate team.

 Here are a few things you should know about Michael:

 Michael’s natural ability to manage moving pieces and take initiative with ease sets him apart. Coming from a vast career in marketing and advertising, he ensures every detail is handled with care and is completed at the best quality in a timely manner. Whether buying or selling a home with Michael, his clients know they can trust him to deliver. 

“It is the little things done superbly that make the difference.” - Michael’s Motto

While Michael’s skill and background

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