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How to Pick a Realtor

Posted by Windermere Real Estate on Monday, August 27th, 2018 at 5:13pm.

To date there are 878 Realtors in Tri-Cities. So how do you find a good agent? Type that question into Google and you will get more articles then you care to read on tips to picking a Realtor but, it all boils down to picking someone you know, like, and trust. Below are our tips for selecting a good Realtor in our local market.

The Process:

  1.        Ask Around

If you don’t already know a Realtor, ask your family, friends or coworkers who they have used. There is no better way to find someone you will like and trust than by asking someone you already know, like, and trust. Facebook also makes it easy to ask for recommendations for a Realtor in a certain location. By asking your local Facebook friends you are sure to start generating a list of potential Realtors and you can ask your friends about their experience with that Realtor. Here is how to ask for a recommendation on Facebook,

If you are from out of town and don’t have someone local to ask, start by asking your local Realtor if they have a recommendation of who to use. It is common for an agent to have clients moving in and out of town, therefore, many agents build a network to be able to refer their clients to a good agent within the market they are looking to move to. Don’t have a current Realtor you trust? Start by looking at the local brokerages here in Tri-Cities. Each brokerage should have an agent directory on their website where each agent has a bio about themselves and reviews from past clients. You can find our agent directory here:

  1.        Do Your Research

Now that you have a list of a few potential Realtors, search for them online and on social media. A good Realtor will be up to date with their digital presence allowing you to see more information about them, their current listings, and reviews from past clients.

  1.        Reach Out to Your Top Picks

Once you start narrowing down your options to your top 3 agents, reach out to them. Call, text, or email them questions you have. This will help you see if that agent responds in a timely matter and if they will be a good resource for you. Finally, schedule a time to sit down with your potential Realtor face-to-face. Are they someone you enjoy being around? The Realtor you choose should be someone that you can see yourself working with over the next 5-7 years. Why so long? Because during that time you will have to find people who can help with maintaining your home. Such as, Roof specialists, landscapers, plumbers, and contractors just to mention a few. The Realtor you choose should be a trusted resource for you that you can refer to, even years down the road.

Pro Tip: Start narrowing down your search by determining who you don’t want to work with.

For example, if the agent doesn’t have an up to date presence online, scratch them off your list. If you can’t find information about the agent, how are others supposed to find information about your home you listed with them? If the agent didn’t respond for several days when you reached out, cross them of your list. Things move fast in our current market, so it is important to have an agent that responds in a timely manner.

What to Look for in a Realtor:

  1.        Choose the person, not the experience.

Choose an agent that works for you and with you. Experience isn’t everything, so don’t make your decision solely on experience. While it is important for a Realtor to be knowledgeable about the market, it is also important that you can relate and mesh with your Realtor. At Windermere Group One, we have agents that have been in the business 20+ years and we have agents that are in their first year as a Realtor. As a company we provide continuous training for all our agents. We ensure our agents are up-to-date with the ever-changing real estate market so that you, the client, can feel confident you are in good hands.  So, if you connect better with the agent that’s only been in the business for a year than you do with the agent that’s been in the business 20+ years, that is ok. Its important to have a Realtor that is willing to use their knowledge to ensure your best interests are met.

  1.        Trust

Your Realtor needs to be someone you can trust. After all, they will be helping you with one of the biggest transactions in your life. Most agents have access to the technology it takes to make your property seen or to find you houses to look at, but it takes a human being to understand and work to achieve your specific goals. Take time to find a Realtor you respect and trust.

  1.        Local Market Knowledge

You want a Realtor who is actively engaged in Tri-Cities. You’ll want an agent to demonstrate knowledge of the area and homes in your price range. If you want the best school district for your children, then you need a Realtor who knows the local school districts. Your Realtor should be able to give you information about school districts, crime rates, public parks, and anything else that is important to you when determining what neighborhood to live in. An actively engaged agent will be able to listen to your wants and needs and know exactly what neighborhoods to look in and what neighborhoods to avoid.

  1.        Professionalism

Again, you are trusting this Realtor with one of the biggest transactions in your life. They should be able to represent you in a respectable manner. This includes their attire, their ability to represent you in conversations, and how they converse with other agents. You want someone who is confident they can get the job done and gets along well with people. Real Estate is a people business; therefore, it is important for your Realtor to have positive relationships with the rest of the real estate community to best represent you during negotiations.

  1.        Find Someone Who Has Your Best Interests at Heart

Be honest and transparent about what you’re looking for, and if an agent isn’t bringing you the right options, it’s likely they aren’t looking for houses for you but rather to benefit themselves. Ask questions upfront and don’t be afraid to move on to someone else if the relationship doesn’t feel right. A good Realtor is in the business for more than just a paycheck, they truly want to help you find the home of your dreams and guide you through the real estate process.


As it turns out, picking a Realtor is not rocket science. At the end of the day, most Realtors in Tri-Cities will get the job done. But what separates the good from the not as good when it comes to Realtors, is their ability to connect with you, to put your best interests at heart, and to be a resource for you even after the transaction is complete. That is why it truly boils down to finding a Realtor you know, like, and trust.


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