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How to Structure Your Day for Success in Real Estate

Posted by Windermere Real Estate on Thursday, December 20th, 2018 at 10:01am.

What’s the secret to making it in real estate? More than anything, it’s having routines. If that sounds a little anticlimactic, rest assured I don’t mean jumping into an uninspired “set it and forget it” pattern.

Over my 28 years in the industry, my daily and weekly patterns have evolved accordingly. When I was growing a company, I concentrated on recruiting agents. After amassing a strong team, I set my sights on advancing production and maintaining consistently high agent performance. During and after the Great Recession, I reverted to getting everyone back to the basics by focusing on managing our financial resources while rallying the troops and hitting the pavement.

In other words, I haven’t been on autopilot since the ’90s. However, during each evolutionary period in our history, I held to the specific routines needed at the moment. Being able to consistently perform certain tasks produced results. So I always recommend that agents follow this lead and develop sustainable routines of their own.


Carving Out Habits That Mean Business

Real estate agents are their own bosses; accordingly, they don’t have the weight of being told what to do. They’re independent and can come and go as they please. Though this is a true benefit to being in the field, it can also be a downfall.

Without regimentation, agents can’t reach top production. Why? They will get redirected. Or they will suddenly shift gears, making an unimportant item a priority. Structure keeps agents from traveling so far away from their objectives that they can’t find their way back.

Although real estate agents working across the country may be left to their own devices, our agents trust in a fairly set-in-stone weekly routine. They’re all on the same page, which helps at all levels. But it’s not a secret sauce: I’m happy to share the formula to help you and your team grow.

  •          Monday: Our agents start their workweek by calling their market listings and buyers they’re currently assisting. Throughout the morning, they plan the upcoming weekend, which may include open houses and showings.
  •          Tuesday: Agents are ready to attend a sales meeting and prepare their new listings for market launch by Tuesday. They’re also expected to put aside two hours to reconnect with people in their sphere of influence (e.g., former buyers or sellers, prospects, etc.). Additionally, they arrange a “neighborhood review” with a past client, setting up an appointment on Thursday or Friday. The day doesn’t end without a phone call to all lenders on behalf of under-contract buyers and sellers.
  •          Wednesday: On hump day, agents get in touch with their buyers and sellers to talk about the lending information, issuing peace of mind and maintaining a high level of customer service. They also take the feedback gleaned during Monday’s phone calls and update the relationship lists.
  •          Thursday: When Thursday rolls around, agents spend two hours working on that relationship list to unearth future business. Additionally, they read neighborhood reviews and confirm appointments set earlier in the week.
  •          Friday: The last day of the week is typically lighter: checking open house ads before they go live on social media, preparing for open houses, and the like. Most times, the afternoon is sacred ground for agents to enjoy alone or with friends and family.
  •          The weekend: When Saturday and Sunday roll around, agents show homes, host open houses, and list homes. Because they’ve done so much legwork during the week, they can take time off to recharge and be ready to do it again.


This reliable routine that our team’s agents follow is flexible enough to absorb the unexpected but framed for maximum efficiency. Of course, I always recommend that agents determined to raise the bar for themselves construct personal daily routines on top of the one they use for company matters.


Gaining Energy From Personal Habits

A personal habit does for your mindset what a business habit does for your production and workflow. Consequently, though my business routine has evolved throughout my career, my personal routine hasn’t.

I try to wake up by 5 a.m. and start my daily gratitudes. I remind myself what I’m thankful for, putting myself in a positive mood. Then, I write a single affirmation 20 to 25 times. Every 30 days, I switch to a new affirmation. Again, this sets the stage to start off the day with humility, grace, and optimism.

After reading something uplifting, I check in with my wife to sync up schedules. By 8:30 a.m., I’m on my way to the office in high spirits, ready to conquer my assignments. Once on the job, I review our agents’ sales to know which ones are selling and listing homes.

Twice a month, I compare our market update to gain perspective on this year versus last. To keep abreast of trends, I read upwards of 10 articles a week, or about two a day, to ensure we aren’t blindsided. On afternoons on Thursdays, Fridays, and Mondays, I prepare for Tuesday’s sales meetings.

Does everything always go according to plan? Of course not. Things come to light during daily business, agents need to be coached, managers request conversations, the accounting department needs my input — the list goes on. However, having the plan in place makes it easier to get back into a routine after being waylaid.

For the better part of three decades, I’ve seen the benefits of sticking to a road map for anyone serious about winning in real estate. And I’m happy to say our Windermere Group One superstar agents have caught the bug.

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